20 Ways a Hobby Can Make You Rich and realize your dreams


Most, if not all of us, have a hobby. This could be anything, ranging from sports to crafts to reading. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t reaping the benefits of said hobbies. Yes, we should enjoy our hobbies- and we should definitely keep them separate from work. But who’s to say we can’t enjoy our hobbies, while also making money from them?

That’s right, your hobby can make you rich. And in more ways than you think. Apart from selling your skills, you can also benefit from the relaxation that they provide. Learning to unwind from work, and enjoy your favorite pastime, can really benefit your job performance- as well as your income.



#1 Hobbies can make you rich no matter your age or experience.



Hobbies can lead to success no matter how old you are, and one inspiring example of how a hobby can make you rich is teenage entrepreneur Bella Weems. According to, fourteen year old Bella Weems turned a jewelry making hobby into a business that, in 2013, was predicted to make 250 million dollars in revenue. The business also received a Bravo Growth Award, as her business grew 870%!


#2 Hobbies are easy to make money from.


In fact, according to, it’s really simple to set up a business surrounding your hobby. In their article “5 hobbies that can make you money”, professional organizer M. Colleen Klimczak said “set-up costs were minimal” and “if you have a computer and the know-how, it’s not hard to just startup”.


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#3 Picking an unusual pastime could help you earn more money.


And you could make a lot of money by investing in one of your unique hobbies. For example, according to, artist Nicole Snow turned her passion for knitting into a successful business that has grown 2,900% in 4.5 years.



#4 Hobbies can lead to ideas, and new ideas are the best way to make money.


This is how amateur tennis enthusiast Christine Watanabe made her fortunes. Her tennis playing hobby led to her realization that it was both difficult and time consuming to keep score during tennis matches, so she created a product that does it for her. This product is called Score At Hand and retails on Amazon for $16.50.


#5 Your hobby can make you rich because there are no limitations.


No matter what your hobby is, there’s probably a way that you can market it for money. Collecting antiques, for example, is a favorite pastime for many people. According to an article by US News, collector David Morgan turned his hobby into a source of income because “there was obviously a market [for it]”, and he now uses “the strategy of looking for low-cost items that can be sold for a profit” as a means to generate lots of revenue.


#6 Your hobby can make you rich because it can become your second career; and what’s better than your favorite pastime becoming your job?



Photography, for example, is a hobby that many people turn to for enjoyment and relaxation. But not many people consider using their skills to make money. According to US News , there are many different ways for amateur photographers to turn their hobby into a second job- for example by working in a studio, or as a freelancer.


#7 You can combine your hobby and your day job to achieve huge success.


Usually, your favorite hobby is completely different from your career, because who wants to bring work home? However, using some of your work skills to market your hobbies can help you profit from them more effectively. This is especially relevant if you work in business or IT, but choose to engage in a more creative hobby in your spare time.

For example, entrepreneur JT Smith was an accomplished tech expert, who loved designing board games as a hobby. According to an article by American Express , Smith combined his tech skills and his hobby to make a “Design your own board game app” that has led to over 36,000 games being sold.




#8 Your hobby doesn’t have to be creative or sporty.


Lots of people think hobbies are restricted to arts, literature and sports. But actually, whatever you choose to do in your spare time is your hobby. And if your hobby is less creative, then there’s a good chance you’ll have less competition if you try and profit from it.

For example, if you enjoy doing science experiments for pleasure, then you may find it easy to sell your skills- by working for a lab, or offering demonstrations to schools.


#9 Choosing your hobby over your career can pay off.


Phoenix office worker Kelsa Dickey enjoyed working with numbers in her spare time. According to US News, she spent most of her weekends helping friends and family with their financial problems. Eventually, Kelsa found so much success, that she decided to quit her job and start a profitable financial coaching business called Fiscal Fitness Phoenix.


#10 Not everyone is good at your hobby, which increases demand for your products.



If you’re good at your hobby, chances are many people around you aren’t- which means that your skills are sought after, and people are willing to pay for them! For example, in her article for blog Modern Mrs Darcy, entrepreneur Jamie Golden talks about how she turned her passion for baking into an award winning “Cake pop” business.


After quitting her job, Golden says she combined her “marketing background with a love for cake on a stick”. At the time, cake pops were popular but difficult to produce, which in turn led to Golden’s incredible success and fame as a baker.


#11 Your hobby can make you rich because you enjoy it.


We all put more effort into things we enjoy, which means that your hobby can generate more money than your (less enjoyable) job. This is because putting more effort into your work can create better, high quality results. For example, some people care more about their animals than they do about their career- and who’s to say you can’t make money from your passion for pets?

dogvacay pup

In fact, according to an article by US News, with websites like– more and more dedicated pet owners are now earning money through their favorite pastime. They provide genuine, high quality services that are in demand around the world.



#12 Your hobby can help you start your own business.



Most people who find wealth through their hobby do so by opening their own business, which can be an incredibly successful way to gain experience and learn new skills. An extreme example of how a hobby can become a business is Walt Disney, who, according to an article by– turned his childhood hobby of “doodling” into a billion dollar empire.



#13 Making money from your hobby can make you even more money.


If you successfully turn your hobby into a career, then this means that you’ve accomplished something that many people also want to do. Which means that you can sell your success, by publishing guides or advice.


For example, according to, successful businesswoman Barbara Brabec turned her hobby for arts and crafts into a profitable business- and then sold over 500,000 books that helped other artists do the same.


#14 Your success starts at home.


Many people seem to think that earning lots of money involves hours and hours of overtime, spent working in a crowded office. But by making money from your hobby, you can find wealth at home. This is because the bulk of the work, including learning and refining your skills, is done in your own time.


Bill Gates, for example, didn’t start his billion dollar computer business in an office. He first started programming as a hobby, when he was just thirteen years old. By using rummage sale technology, he began what would later become Microsoft in his home.


#15 Your hobby doesn’t have to produce a product.


Lots of people assume that hobbies can only become profitable if they produce a marketable product, but this simply isn’t true!


For example, if your hobby involves organizing and planning, then you can use these skills to make money. In an article for, Danielle Fisher talks about the endless opportunities that amateur organizers can benefit from. Fisher suggests that advertising skills to local estate agents, who can provide you as “an unpacking and organization resource to new homeowners”, is one of many ways that organizers can make money.


#16 Your hobby can become an added source of income.


While many people choose to turn their hobby into a career, you can easily turn your hobby into an extra source of income.


For example, an article by highlights the financial gain made by many amateur gamers. In the article, author Michael Akinlabi states that “gaming is one of the top hobbies that makes money with ease”- and this is true in so many ways. You can now not only win money through participating in gaming championships, but also achieve huge success by simply live streaming the games you play in your spare time.


#17 You can use skills you learnt in your hobby to make lots of money.

Some hobbies, like reading, are incredibly difficult to make money from- which is why you should take the skills you learnt while reading, and market them separately. For example, you could use your understanding of grammar and spelling to become a proofreader or editor. So while you’re not getting paid to read your favorite fiction, you are making money from the skills you learnt while doing so.


#18 You can have lots of hobbies, so losing one isn’t a problem.


The great thing about hobbies is that you can have so many of them. Which means that when your hobby stops becoming your hobby and starts becoming your success- then you can start enjoying another pastime in your spare time. This is what Etsy’s richest seller Alicia Shaffer did- and it truly paid off.


Alicia decided to stop “treating [her hobby] like a hobby and start treating it like a business”- and she’s now earning about $65,000 a month. While turning your hobby into a business means losing a relaxing activity, this isn’t really a problem, because you can turn to another passion of yours to relax with instead.


#19 You don’t need qualifications to make money from a hobby.


Making money from a hobby relies mainly on your experience, and unlike entry-level jobs, it doesn’t rely on any qualifications. This means that if you decide to make money from your hobby, you can start your business right away, without worrying about formally educating yourself.


With the rise of freelancing websites like Fiverr, for example, more and more people are now writing and offering their services at the same level of professionals- but without the high price of education.


#20 Hobbies can help you work better.


As well as making money of their own, hobbies can also improve your job performance. This is because engaging in a fun pastime is proven to help you relax and unwind. In fact, according, to an article by, hobbies “distract us from worries and give us a sense of accomplishment”.This, in turn, could transfer to your job- and help you focus and accomplish more at work, meaning that you’ll improve the chances of a promotion and positive reviews.

What’s more, hobbies can also improve your work performance by giving you useful skills. According to, if you participate in a team sport as a pastime, then this can help you improve your “collaboration skills” and gain the sense of “dedication” that athletes have. The website also mentions that 6 of the past 11 presidents were also athletes, which further illustrates the benefits of a good hobby.


A hobby Can Make You Rich

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