Social Media Marketing Platforms for Talents

Social Media Marketing Platforms for Talents

Having a defining talent can be extremely profitable in today’s society, as the rise of social media marketing means that talents can be marketed, and in some cases sold online for a significant sum. There is no guaranteed strategy for social media marketing that can yield results, but generally, social media provides a reliable platform on which to showcase your talent.

A variety of factors can affect your success with social media marketing, and the extent of your achievement relies on you making the right choices for your talent. This involves choosing the right social media platform for your skill, and committing both time and money to the task.

When choosing your social media marketing platform, it’s important that you consider the benefits and drawbacks of each website. Some platforms far outweigh others in terms of benefits, although others have fewer but more significant advantages.

In this article, we will asses a number of popular social media marketing platforms, and focus on how they can benefit you and your talent. Regardless of your skill, there is a website suited to your needs, and finding the appropriate one is key to you finding your success.


  1. Facebook


Facebook is a popular social media platform, and is best suited to marketing talents that can be retailed or distributed.

If your talent is creative, and produces a physical product, then Facebook is an excellent way to market it.

One advantage of Facebook, for example, is that you can market your talent by uploading a variety of mixed media. This means that you can share pictures (or videos or text) of your products within an extensive circle of friends, acquaintances and potential customers. On Facebook, you can market your talents for free, by sharing your business page within your personal ‘friend circle’- or you can pay for promotion and advertise your business to your chosen demographic.

Similarly, Facebook can prove extremely advantageous if your talent revolves around a service. For example, if you are a writer or photographer, then you can use Facebook profile to upload samples of your work- and then share your business and portfolio in a number of social circles. The idea that Facebook relies on a real world model of social ‘circles’ means that you can generate interest in your brand among friends and acquaintances, and gain exposure from strangers too.

Facebook can also benefit performers and musicians who are interested in promoting their name or group, particularly on social media platforms.

However, one drawback is that Facebook is best suited to images and text. Video and audio samples are easily overlooked in busy news feeds, and as many people use Facebook as an application on their phones, some videos may also be entirely incompatible with certain cellphone browsers.


  1. Twitter


Twitter can help you market your talent by allowing you to converse with a huge variety of potential clients or fans. Because Twitter is heavily reliant on the use of hashtags, which can be viewed by the public, your Tweets or photos can be seen by an enormous audience.

By tagging your tweets correctly, you can ensure that your talent reaches people who are genuinely interested in it.

One benefit of Twitter is that there are no privacy restrictions, which means that anyone can view your feed, and follow you thereafter. However, this structure can also prove to be a disadvantage. Because Twitter relies on followers, in order for you to market your talent, you first have to generate an interest from the public- and encourage them to follow you. Even with the use of hashtags, which make your Tweets visible to both followers and non-followers, it’s difficult to remain current and noticeable in the constantly updating stream.

Another disadvantage of marketing your talent on Twitter is the character limit. Although this a defining feature of the social media platform, the restriction on word count means that if your talent is neither simple nor straightforward, it can be difficult to promote it in such few characters. Before marketing your talent on Twitter, you need to consider whether any aspects of your skill can be marketed in a relevant and effective way using such few characters.


  1. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is an extremely efficient social media marketing platform for those looking to market a business related talent.

The networking site allows you to connect with relevant, fellow professionals- and advertise your skills and talents in a clear and comprehensive way.

LinkedIn, like Facebook, allows users to pay for promotion- as well as advertise for free. With LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates feature, you can pay for your posts to be advertised to a specific audience on the social media platform. Using their extensive selection of options, you can customize your advert to ensure that it reaches your targeted demographic.

However, you can also promote your talent for free by joining LinkedIn groups, and connecting with individuals that may be potentially be interested in purchasing your product or services- as well as hiring your talent. This takes more effort, although it’s a worthy longterm investment of your time.

If your talent is more creative or performance based, however, then LinkedIn may not be the ideal social media platform on which to market it. This website focuses primarily on businesses, and there are few opportunities to upload and share a visual talent in a relevant or effective way. If you’re looking to promote your name or brand, as opposed to your specific talent however, then LinkedIn can be effective.


  1. Google+


Google+ has over 150 million users, which means that there is a large audience that can be reached with an effective marketing strategy. The main advantage of using Google + to market your talents, is that Google+ is incredibly well connected.

The social networking site incorporates all key Google features, which means that your talent can be found using Google maps; Google blogs and through a simple Google search.

This also means that by optimizing your content for search engines, you can rank higher on search results, and increase exposure to potential customers or clients.

Another significant benefit of using Google+ to market your talent is that you can use Google Ads to promote your content. Google advertising can market your talent as an interactive website banner, and broadcast your business on a huge variety of websites and platforms.

However, the main drawback of using Google+ to promote your talent is that it requires a significant commitment. In order to rank highly on search engines, you need to ensure that your talent is marketed in a SEO optimized way, which can be expensive and time consuming. Unfortunately, the sheer size of the social media platform makes competition a reality, which can negatively affect your brand.


  1. YouTube


YouTube is perhaps the best way to market a talent that is creative or performance based. Although you can use YouTube to promote your business, through the use of promotional or commercial videos for example.

If you’re interested in marketing a talent that involves an element of presentation, then YouTube can be incredibly effective for this purpose.

One benefit of using YouTube to market your talent is that the social media platform offers the opportunity for tagging. This means that alongside a relevant, search engine optimized title- you can also categorize your video in a way that makes it accessible to more viewers. What’s more, YouTube offers you the opportunity to showcase your talent. The social media network acts as a platform for you to upload your videos or music, and there are no limitations on the amount of creativity that you can use to demonstrate your abilities.

One major negative, however, is that YouTube is a highly competitive social media network. If your talent is common, and lacks a unique angle, then it can be difficult to generate interest on such a large platform- although this negative can be disregarded with a sound strategic marketing plan.


  1. Instagram


Instagram is an efficient way of marketing a huge variety of talents, primarily because it offers users the opportunity to creatively showcase their skills.

A reason why Instagram is so effective for social media marketing is because it allows users to incorporate some traditional marketing strategies, like presentation and aesthetics.

By giving you the option of using free filters and editing tools, you can enhance your images, thereby making them more attractive to potential customers.

Instagram is also beneficial for social media marketing because it provides the opportunity for you to upload both photos and videos. This means that you can promote talents that yield a product, by photographing and posting your products with a relevant link. You can also market performance based talents with videos, and you can advertise your services by promoting promotional posters.

The only potential downfall of Instagram is that it’s a largely youthful social media platform, that relies primarily on the use of the app, which means that it’s difficult to reach more renowned business and corporate clients or customers.

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